2022 Wellington Mara Award recipients

Jennifer Sheridan  Stamford YoungTimers Girls Baskerball


Pictured above from left to right:  Tim Frank, Jennifer Sheridan, Rick Robustelli

Jennifer is the first female recipient of the Wellington Mara Coaching award.

Jen is a superstar in the community. For nearly 25 years, she has worked with the Stamford YoungTimers organization with the youngest age groups – kindergarten through 3rd grade. Jen is at the gym every Sunday, December through March, working with these young players to teach them the game and the value of teamwork and sportsmanship. She not only coaches but she is the commissioner of this level of the YoungTimers. Ensuring the coaches are doing things in the right way and teaching the kids the fundamentals of the game and the value of teamwork.

Jen possesses an amazing helpful approach, a tremendous competitive spirit, a respectful attitude, and a leadership ability that is second to none. An incredible testament to her is how many of her former players return to assist with the league long after their playing days are over and carry on her legacy of giving back to the community.

Jennifer Sheridan is a person of great character, tremendous work ethic, incredible leadership and intelligence. She is making an impact on the girls of Stamford that will last a lifetime.


Joseph Claps   Stamford North Little League & Flag Football (First Down Club)

2022-Joe Claps Jr-Mara Award Acceptance

Pictured above from left to right: Tom Duddie, Joe Claps, Rick Robustelli

Joe Claps has been volunteering as a youth coach in Stamford for over
20 years. Starting as a coach in the National Lione Little League, he has
worked with countless youth teaching the skills of sport as well as how
to be exemplary teammates and pillars of the community. He has been
instrumental in launching the Flag Football League for 2nd through 5th
graders. Joe works not only with the players but with the other coaches
to elevate the leagues' impact on participants and the community. On
Saturday mornings in the fall Joe can be found with 200 youngsters
running, jumping, throwing and loving the game of football.

Joe is an educator at heart and always puts the larger good of the
students front and center. It is obvious how much he is loved by both
students and teachers in his role as principal of Dolan Middle School. His
effort, organization and passion can be seen throughout both Stamford
North Little League and First Down Club Flag Football.

Joe is dedicated to the children of Stamford, in school and on the field.
He is a leader who will continue to donate his time, energy and passion
to our children going forward.

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